Monday, 8 April 2013

Live Free Love Life

And now for the exciting news! For quite some time my friend Anita has been working on opening up a support group on her site at Just Be Yourself  and due to recent requests it is now open. It is called Live Free Love Life. Check it out HERE. This will be a community of members who are looking for hope, help, and encouragement for various issues such as chronic disease or disorders, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, weight, victims of abuse, etc.
This is a closed group, meaning that it is for paid members only. The cost is $6.95 for 12 months, so about 58 cents per month. Resources will be made available in the form of a monthly journal card kit designed by myself including an introductory journal card kit of over 50 cards (these are ready to be downloaded). The journal cards are in PDF format and printer-ready. The first month's prompts and helps will consist of developing a healthy and realistic attitude about ourselves to begin the healing process.
Live Free Love Life's goal is to provide a safe environment for sharing what's on our hearts, realizing that we're not "in this" alone, and offer hope and encouragement for all. Other resources will be made available as well. The only "requirement" is that all information and sharing within the group is to remain confidential. There is a zero tolerance rule for any type of abuse, including flaming, breaking the confidentiality rule, spamming, etc. Life is far too short to suffer in silence and fear! Learn to live free and love life to it's fullest and all that it holds for you!

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